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What is CyVerse?

CyVerse is a powerful computational infrastructure and the people who support its operations. CyVerse was built to handle huge datasets and complex analyses for life sciences research, thus enabling users to make data-driven discoveries.

CyVerse cyberinfrastructure includes:

Data Storage - free allocation space for all users, and fee-based storage services, contact us to help you scale your project.

Data Science Workbench - An interactive, web-based, analytical platform called the "Discovery Environment"

Cloud - hosted OpenStack virtual machines for computation, analysis, and storage.

External Collaborative Partnerships - Work with our experienced data scientists and software engineers to scale your algorithms and data onto cloud and high performance compute. Contact Us if you are interested in starting an ECP.

Education and Training - learn how to use containers, workflows, and public research cyberinfrastructure from our professional trainers.

Cloud Resources for running your class or workshop in the cloud.

Funding and Citations:

CyVerse is funded entirely by the National Science Foundation NSF under Award Numbers:

NSF-0735191 NSF-1265383 NSF-1743442

Please cite CyVerse appropriately when you make use of our resources, see CyVerse citation policy.