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Sharing Data

One of the most powerful features of the Data Store is the ability to share all of your data instantly with fine-grained permission control. You can share your data with other CyVerse users, and you can also make data available to anonymous users and with identifiers (i.e., a DOI) through the CyVerse Data Commons. This guide covers the most basic, commonly used sharing features of the Discovery Environment and Data Store.

You can quickly share files in your Data Store using a Discovery Environment Public Link.


You can only share individual files using the public link. Since files are shared over HTTP, this is only recommended for small files. This is a convenient but less secure method for file transfer. Do not share sensitive/private data using these public links.


You can use this method to view files, for example in a genome browser.

  1. If necessary, login to the Discovery Environment.

  2. In the Data window, select (checkbox) one or more individual file(s) (not folders) you wish to share.

  3. From the More actions menu, select Public Link(s).

  4. A new URL will be provided for you in a pop-up. Highlight and copy or click on Copy in order to get a window that will allow you to copy the URL to your clipboard. Anyone you share this link with will be able to download the file. You can test the link in a new web browser window.



    You can quickly create a link to a file by clicking the "3 dots" (ellipsis) icon next to any file and selecting "Public Link".

To deactivate a public link:

  1. To deactivate a link, select (checkbox) one or more individual file(s) that have been shared with a public link; then click on the Details menu.
  2. In the Details menu under the Permissions tab, click the "pencil" icon next to "" to edit the file's permissions.

Share a File/Folder in the Discovery Environment with Another CyVerse User

You can share data with another CyVerse user by granting them permission to read, write, or own files/folders.

  1. If necessary, login to the Discovery Environment.

  2. In the Data window, select (checkbox) file(s) or folder(s) you wish to share with another user; then under the Share menu, enter the CyVerse username, email, or group name you wish to share with.

  3. Next, under 'Permissions' choose which permission to grant to the recipient(s) you are sharing this file or folder with.


  4. Once you are finished, click Done to begin sharing. The user will be notified that a file has been shared with them.


    You can share several files/folders at once by selecting them and then clicking the "Add to Bag" button in the Data window and then sharing the bag.


    By managing access to data, the DE allows you to share large datasets instantaneously. Data permissions (based on UNIX permissions) are described in this chart:

    Permission level Read Download/Save Metadata Rename Move Delete
    Read X X View
    Write X X Add/Edit
    Own X X Add/Edit X X X

Last update: 2023-01-27