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Moving Data

There are several ways to move data between the CyVerse Data Store and other computers, whether your local machine or a remote one. These methods vary in speed, flexibility, and technical knowledge necessary to use them. You may find that different methods suit your needs for different projects at different times.

Method Access Point Upload/Download Installation/Setup Required Account Required Max File Size
Discovery Environment Web Both No Yes 2GB/file upload, no limit import
Data Commons Web Download No No 2GB/file
Cyberduck Desktop App Both Yes Yes, or public data only > 10GB
iCommands Command line Both Yes Yes, or public data only > 10GB
SFTP Desktop App & Command line Both No (Yes for desktop apps) Yes, or public data only > 10GB
GoCommands Command line Both Yes Yes, or public data only > 10GB

The Moving Data section covers each of the following methods of moving data to the Data Store:

  1. Using the Discovery Environment web interface (visit the Distributing Data quickstart for a rapid introduction to distributing data)
  2. Using the CyberDuck desktop application
  3. Through the iCommands and command-line
  4. Through an HTTPS connection using WebDAV
    • Can also be used to create links for external download
  5. Through the SFTP via a command-line tool or desktop applications
  6. Through the GoCommands and command-line