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!CyVerse Learning Center

Welcome to the CyVerse Learning Center !

CyVerse provides life scientists with powerful computational infrastructure to handle huge datasets and complex analyses, thus enabling data-driven discovery.

In the Learning Center, you can find information about CyVerse platforms and documentation on how to use features and services, quick starts for data management and analysis tasks, tutorials, and more. Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen or the search bar at the top to explore the learning materials.


First Steps

These are some good places to start learning about what CyVerse has to offer:

!What What is CyVerse?

Get a quick overview of CyVerse's platforms, services, and infrastructure.

!Account Creating a CyVerse account

Create an account and get started using CyVerse.

!Account Self-Guided Tour

Take a self-guided course on using CyVerse to manage data and run analyses.

Funding and Citations:

CyVerse is funded entirely by the National Science Foundation NSF under Award Numbers:

NSF-0735191 NSF-1265383 NSF-1743442


The CyVerse Zenodo Community has published, citable versions of CyVerse materials.

Please cite CyVerse appropriately when you make use of our resources; see CyVerse citation policy.