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Goals and Approach


By the end, participants should have the basic skills needed to:
  • Define and describe what open science is means
  • Assess current team management practices within one’s research group to identify methods to improve upon current practices
  • Demonstrate knowledge and abilities of full lifecycle and FAIR data management through developing a data management plan referencing available resources
  • Improve personal coding skills to fit into the open science framework
  • Demonstrate skills gained to improve reproducibility of your scientific analyses
  • Apply learned open science skills to a capstone project organized by the instructors
  • Organize and work within a collaborative group project that demonstrates open science concepts
  • Develop growth mindset toward open science skills through participation in pre- and post- workshop surveys


FOSS focuses on hands on activities – participants should learn skills by practicing them. Most of the skill taught in this course are interdependent, and lessons are designed to reinforce skills learned earlier in the course. Some material may be completely new to you, and some may be familiar. If you have experience with a subject, please help your less-experienced neighbor.

During this course, we will introduce many new tools and technologies, but these are just a sample of what is available for you to use in your own Open Science Lab. Before choosing which technologies to adopt, you should look around and see what others in your community are using. This is a case where fitting in with your peers can make you more productive. For example, if everyone you know is already on Google Chat, you may have a hard time convincing them to use Slack or Gitter, and vice versa.

We don’t expect anyone to be experts at these skills after one meeting. Instead, we aim to give you enough hands on experience to confidently continue with your own self-paced learning. Each lesson includes links to additional learning materials that can enhance or expand on what you have learned at FOSS.

For up to one year following FOSS, CyVerse will provide concierge service to participants, to ensure that they are able to take full advantage of CyVerse infrastructure for their open science projects.

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