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Checking Job Status and Results

The Discovery Environment maintains a detailed history of jobs you have previously launched. Using the Analysis console you can also view the status of jobs in progress, cancel jobs, relaunch jobs, and view and save the parameters of previously launched jobs.

Check Discovery Environment Job Results

  1. Click on Analyses from the DE workspace and monitor the status of your submitted job (You may have to click refresh to view updated status).
  2. In the Analysis console, once your status appears as ‘Completed,’ click on the name of your analysis to navigate you to the results.
Output Description Example
Your output will include a folder of logs as well as multiple sequence alignments in several formats.
  • logs/
  • clustalw.aln
  • fasta.aln
  • phylip_interleaved.aln
  • phylip_sequential.aln

Save Discovery environment Job Parameters

The analysis menu gives you several options, including saving the parameters of a previously used job.

  1. Click on Analyses from the DE workspace
  2. Select (checkbox) an analysis; from the Analysis menu select View Parameters
  3. View the parameters and select “Save As” to save parameters as a text file in your Data Store.


Using MUSCLE as an example, you have gotten an overview of how most of the applications within the Discovery Environment work - from managing data, to launching jobs, and obtaining results.

Next Steps:

  • Try a tutorial using the Discovery Environment in the Learning Center
  • See a complete list of Discovery Environment Applications on the CyVerse Wiki DE Apps list

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