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Data Sharing and Other Features

One of the most powerful features of the Data Store is to share all of your data instantly, and with fine-grained permission control. You can share your data with other CyVerse users, and you can also make data available to anonymous users and with identifiers (e.g. DOIs, ARKs) through the CyVerse Data Commons. We will cover the most basic, commonly used sharing features in this guide.

Share a File/folder in Discovery Enviornment with Another CyVerse User

Share data with another CyVerse user by granting permission to read, write, or own files/folders

  1. If necessary, login to the Discovery Environment.

  2. In the Data window, select (checkbox) file(s), folder(s) you wish to share with another user; then under the Share menus select Share with Collaborators…

  3. In the “Manage Sharing” menu, under ‘Selected File(s)/Folder(s) the name of the files and folders you are currently sharing are displayed. Ensure the file you wish to share now is selected.


  4. In the ‘search for users’ field search for the CyVerse user you wish to share with by search for their name, or CyVerse username. You may also select ‘Choose from Collaborators’ which will bring up a list of people you have designated as collaborators.

  5. Next, under ‘Permissions’ choose what permission you want to grant the person you are sharing this file with.

  6. Once you are finished, click Done to begin sharing. The user will be notified that a file has been shared with them.


    By managing access to data, the DE allows you to share large datasets instantaneously. Data permissions (based on UNIX permissions) are described in this chart:

    Permission level Read Download/Save Metadata Rename Move Delete
    Read X X View      
    Write X X Add/Edit      
    Own X X Add/Edit X X X


This guide has introduced the basic data management tools you need to manage the lifecycle of Data in CyVerse. There are many more features to explore and these are detailed in the full Data Store Manual.

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