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Welcome to The Data Store!

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Data Store Intro

Each user has access to 100 GB of data storage, with the ability to request more allocation Learn all about our data allocation policy here.

When you are granted access to a CyVerse service, you are automatically added to the service’s mailing list. Default CyVerse mailing lists include the Data Store, Discovery Environment, and Atmosphere, as well as community developers and Foundation API developers. Once subscribed, you receive emails about maintenance periods and outages. You also can post messages to other list users, opt to receive list messages in batch or single emails, change your subscription email and password and other options, browse the list archives, unsubscribe from the list, and more. For information on subscribing to CyVerse mailing lists, see Subscribing to CyVerse Mailing Lists.

Want to download data but don’t have a CyVerse account?

We offer several ways to access some data that has been made public with all users—even if you don’t have an account. For instructions on how to use each access method, see Downloading Data Files Without a User Account.

Want to know what access methods you can use?

Access Methods include:

Click here to check your upload and download speeds.

Want to know about how to connect to the Data Store?

See Manage Data on the CyVerse website

Configuring Your Firewall to the Data Store

Transfers to the Data Store require firewalls to allow TCP port 1247 and TCP and UDP ports 20000-20399 to be open.

Data Store Connection Port Settings

Required Open TCP Ports

Required Open UDP Ports





Most users should not need to configure their firewalls, but some institutions may have more restrictive policies for security reasons. CyVerse staff will be happy to discuss any technical requirements with your networking administrators. For more information, contact CyVerse Support at


To test your connectivity to the Data Store, use the cbuoy website from a browser or use the dscheck script within the unix shell.

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