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4. Submit request and wait for validations

4.1. Submit DOI request

  • In the Data window, click the checkbox next to the folder.
  • Select Metadata > Request DOI.
  • After verifying you have read the instructions (i.e. this guide), click “I need a DOI”. You will receive a verification email that your request has been received, and a notification will be listed in the Notifications list in the DE.


At this point, your folder will move to a new location under Community Data/commons_repo/staging.

4.2. Validations

  • After submitting your request, a CyVerse Curated Data curator begins validating your dataset, metadata, and overall configuration of your dataset.
  • Validations are based solely on the required DOI metadata and folder-naming conventions, as well as its potential utility to the CyVerse and larger scientific community, not the quality of your data. This is not a peer review process.
Possible validation actions:
  • If the curator determines that minor changes are needed, they may make those changes themselves.
  • If the curator determines that substantive changes are needed, they will contact you with required changes.
  • If the curator determines that your dataset is not appropriate for the Curated Data section of the Data Commons (e.g., because it belongs in NCBI), you will be notified.
  • If the curator determines that the dataset is adequately organized and the DataCite metadata are accurate, they will provide a DOI, and you will be notified of the DOI and the final dataset location.


To check the status of your request, click Notifications (the bell icon) at the top right of the DE screen. For more information on using notifications in the DE, see Viewing and Deleting Notifications.