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3. Add metadata

  1. Add metadata to the dataset folder
    1. In the Data window, click the checkbox next to the folder.
    2. Select Metadata > Edit / View Metadata
    3. Alternatively, you can choose Edit / View Metadats from the three dot menu next to the file.
    4. Click on the menu with three bars to select a template and choose the DOI Request - DataCite4.1 metadata template.
    5. Complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk) and as many of the optional fields as possible.
    6. Save the template.
  2. For more information, including how to apply metadata in bulk, see Using Metadata in the DE.
  3. You may add any additional metadata that is appropriate. We encourage the use of additional metadata to make your data better understood and more discoverable.
  4. We encourage the use of metadata on subfolders and individual files in your datasets.


Be sure to include at least 3 subject key words or phrases, so that people can discover your data! Each subject should be its own field (click on the plus next to “Subject”. Do not use a comma-separated list.)


Get recognition for your work by including ORCIDs for yourself and all creators and contributors.