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5. After publication

5.1. Get your dataset noticed.

Metadata, the description about your data, is key to getting your dataset noticed in the world wide web. Search engines and bibliographic aggregators index the metadata that you create to obtain a DOI. Thus, it is important that you do the following:
  • Make sure the metadata are complete.
  • Include precise keywords in the “Subject” attribute. - Include descriptive terms about the science and themes involved in your research. These can go in the “Subject” attribute, but you can also create additional metadata attributes specific to your dataset.
  • Include methods used to generate the dataset in the “Description” attribute, and in more detail in a Readme file.
  • Describe the dataset for a broader audience so that they understand your research. Use the “Description” field for this.
  • If you or team members have an ORCID ID, make sure to include it in the metadata.

5.2. Publicize your dataset:

  • Consider using social media to share the DOI of your dataset, and tag CyVerse.
  • If you have an interesting story about your data, contact us at, and we may be able to share it through CyVerse outreach.
  • If you have a tool or workflow you developed to analyze your data in CyVerse, consider presenting it as part of our Focus Forums webinars series.