Breakout sessions

  1. Data Science IDEs Complexity: beginner - Lead: Tyson Swetnam, CyVerse

    Docker for Data Science breakout session content

    In this breakout session, you’ll learn the basics about deploying popular IDE (RStudio and Jupyter) and ML containers from the NVIDIA GPU Cloud. We will discuss the complexities of working with these different container types, with hands on examples running CyVerse and HPC with Singularity.

  2. Biocontainers Complexity: moderate - Lead: Amanda Cooksey, CyVerse Scientific Analyst

    Biocontainer breakout session content

    In this breakout session, you’ll learn about Biocontainers and apply what you’ve learned about basic container technology, such as Docker, with open source bioinformatics apps for Proteomics, Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Metabolomics.

  3. Containerized workflows Complexity: advanced - Lead: Sateesh Peri, CyVerse power user, University of Nevada-Reno

    Containerized workflows breakout session content

    In this breakout session you’ll learn about Snakemake, a workflow management system consisting of a text-based workflow specification language and a scalable execution environment. You will be introduced to the Snakemake workflow definition language and how to use the execution environment to scale workflows to compute servers and clusters while adapting to hardware specific constraints.