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Platform Guides

CyVerse offers an interconnected series of platforms, tools and services. These guides will help you navigate the top-level user platforms.

Discovery Environment

Use hundreds of bioinformatics apps and manage data in the CyVerse Data Store from a simple web interface


Cloud computing with CyVerse

Data Store

A unified system for managing and sharing your data across CyVerse’s tools and services

DNA Subway

Educator-focused access to data and informatics tools for modern biology


Bio-Image Semantic Query User Environment for the exchange and exploration of image data


A web-based platform for reproducible bioinformatics workflows

Science APIs

CyVerse provides programmatic access to its services through multiple APIs (application programming interfaces), access points with various levels of complexity


Visual Interactive Computing Environment VICE introduces graphic user interfaces (GUIs) and common Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Project Jupyter Notebooks & Lab, RStudio, Shiny Apps and Linux Desktop

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CyVerse is funded by the National Science Foundation under Award Numbers DBI-0735191, DBI-1265383, and DBI-1743442.

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